Phi - connecting people to power

Research and strategy, 2017 

In collaboration with Artem Stepanov and Calum Bowden

WhatDesignCanDo nominee, 2017

Future Architecture selected participant, 2018

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie grant, 2018

Prix BLOXHUB Interactive award, 2019

Many remote off-grid communities around the world generate all of their electricity with delivered fossil fuels that are expensive, unreliable, and cause harm to the environment. Here, increasing the penetration of renewables has clear economic incentives both for the consumer and to the government providing subsidies on deliveries of fuel. 

In off-grid regions, renewable energy would cost less than the existing source of power. This will give the possibility to weave together energy and social development and create not only economic and ecological sustainability but also help to preserve local languages and traditions. Putting the power in the hands of people makes communities more resilient and self-sufficient. While it is difficult for isolated groups to create projects with a viable business plan that lowers costs and attracts investment, Phi proposes systems and interfaces to help community leaders and the local government to go from having no culture of dealing with electricity, to possessing the tools and knowledge to share energy, accelerate new alternative energy sources, and take control of their own sustainable development.